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URECA Researcher of the Month – Jenny Park

JennyParkThis month’s featured student is Jenny Park, an Honors College senior majoring in linguistics (with a minor in computer science). Working under the mentorship of Professor Peter Manning of the English Department who teaches “Epic and its British Romantic Heirs,” Jenny is completing a senior thesis project comprised of two parts: i) a series of poetic responses to the Iliad documenting her response as a reader; and ii) a cultural and literary prose analysis of the epic. She has already produced 3-5 poems for each of book of the Iliad (there are 24 subdivisions), and now has a corpus of ~80 poems. Jenny will be presenting her project on the Iliad at the URECA Celebration on April 27, and in early May at the Honors College Symposium. It is notable that Jenny Park won an essay contest prize her first year at SB, in Writing 102. Since 2009, Jenny has also served as a research assistant , working with Professors Ellen Broselow and Marie Huffman of the Linguistics Department, on an project which investigates perceptual phonology through a particular example in Japanese loanword adaption. Jenny was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa in her junior year and plans to apply to graduate programs in linguistics. Jenny lived several years as a child in Japan; she also studied Latin throughout high school. Born in Redwood City, California, Jenny Park attended Menlo Atherton High School in Atherton, California.

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